Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Post of The Best Month, September

September is my birthday month so I am biased! I do love autumn and football as well, of course.

On to the amazing day I had in Philly at the Darren Daulton Foundation. There are some pretty incredible people in this area that made big things happen and I cannot thank all of you enough. I was able to meet Darren! I got a personalized signature on my #RightOnFightOn t-shirt along with a baseball signed by numerous other players that were there!

Meeting another person that not only shares a similar story, but is also going through it at the same time is an incredible feeling. You hear so many comparison stories all the time, but to have some who also has a glioblastoma, has been through the same surgery, and is already undergoing the next step that I have coming up (radiation & chemo treatments) was a different experience. I am lucky be able to say I have had such an opportunity :)

Other than that everything else has been going great! I'm showing progress with occupational and speech therapy. Occupational is definitely slower and more frustrating for me, but I'm trying my best to work on not getting frustrated! We are still waiting to hear about the results from that final test so I can get official date of when the treatments will start. I feel like it has been a lifetime since they sent out that tissue sample! We will know this week, but I feel like I have been saying that for while as well!

Before we were leaving the golf outing a women came up to me and said she read my blog before. I am always in awe of how far my blog has spread and that I've gotten noticed in public for it twice. I would love to know how far my blog has spread. I know people have the option to post on the blog, but my email is kayla.nakonechni@gmail.com or you cam send a message to my Team Kayla A
Facebook page! I'd be interested to know people's stories, how you found out about my blog, and where you're reading from! People say that my blog posts inspire them- I have 35,000 views since I started this. I'd love to know where you all come from and have my viewers inspire me a bit If you don't mind!

Before I end this 2 thing: 
1. I will be up in Penn State for Central Florida this weekend! :) I won't be the student section, but baby steps!  
2. Congratulations to all the THON 2014 Captains! So proud of you all :) FTK <3