Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just a short update! PSU VS. Syracuse

Thursday, I met with the radio- oncologist. We still don't have an exact date on when it'll start because we have one test to come back. Other behind the scenes work are occurring now like a physicist is working on the angles of which the radiation will hit where the tumor was. All very interesting things! I also got a mask set for my radiation. It looks like a basketball net shaped tightly to my face. You can talk and breathe with it on though so it's just there!

I am so excited to say that I feel well enough to go to the Penn State / Syracuse game today! I am on my way as I write this actually! We weren't 100% sure if I would feel up to it, but I'm going to give it a try! A true Penn Stater :p I won't push myself by any means if I don't feel well!  

I padded a baseball hat with gauze and brought ear plugs to reduce the noise level. It won't be quite the same as the shivering, crowd shaking, student section, but I know that being back watching the team in action will make me smile. No matter the outcome on the score board! (a win would make the smile a whole lot larger though). 

Ill keep everyone posted on how the day goes overall on Monday! I'm so excited to see all my friends too. I hope everyone has a great day. :) wish me luck with my ear plugs because I heard those penn state fans can get rowdy ;)

WE ARE....  

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sorry I took so long to posttt!

I am so sorry that I've been terrible at updating this since John was here last weekend, especially because quite a bit has happened! I really have wanted to, but things have been so chaotic with appointments and visitors it's been hard. I really wanted to write this post myself because I have been doing awesome since surgery and this is a great way to show it! 

I have to start out with the greatest news of all, my puppy, Gilly! She's amazing. She's been taking up most of my time, but in a good way, of course! She was named after my neurologist and is just the best! She was a present from Joanie and Joe and I couldn't of asked for anything more! She's perfect! Here's the princess herself! 

My stitches are already covered by my hair so they are barely visible (which is less bothersome for everyone who has to see them :p). And they only bother me occasionally, not too much pain other than laying on them wrong, headaches, and some pulling- which is expected!! 

On Tuesday we met with my neurosurgeon. My biopsy came back. I was diagnosed with a grade 4 Astrocytoma. The doctors were not expecting that, but who could predict that? The signs were really not there for this type of malignant tumor. The tumor was all removed with the surgery though, which is great news though! Now we just needed to meet the oncologist to keep learn the treatment!

On Wednesday I had speech therapy and occupational therapy! The goal is to not get too frustrated with myself :p it's hard and I'm working on it! I make stupid mistakes with my speech sometimes but I think I would make them without having brain surgery! Occupational therapy is harder but that's the toll the seizures have taken on me over the past few months along with the surgery. It'll take more time but it will come back! 

On Friday we met with the oncologist. He was amazing. I got really lucky with all my doctors at Hershey! I couldn't ask for a more amazing, compassionate team of doctors on my side! He discussed our plan to make sure the cells don't grow. We will do 45 days of chemotherapy pills and about 30 days (6 weeks) of radiation without holidays and weekends. There's pretty much no side effects at all which is also good!

On Thursday we will go to Hershey to see the radio-oncologist. I have a few tests that need to be done like a cat scat and blood work! I even have to get a mask made for my head that allows the radiation to trigger the same exact location everytime they give the treatment. 

Again, sorry for being really slow on the update! I do promise to be more on top of it now and keep all of you in the loop. I feel terrible that I've been so behind.

As always, thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I have the most amazing support system behind me- you guys never cease to amaze me! I have an army and a half!

P.S. I feel like I'm missing something from this post.. So I may need to add something more if I really did! Maybe I didn't!