Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's officially Fall!

I want to post so much more than I do, but I always seem to get distracted when I begin a post. I am trying to stay on top of it as much as I can with all of my running around and visitors. If I don't post think of no news as good news ;) Smaller updates in between posts are always on the Team Kayla Facebook page!

So some updates since my last post:

- All of my treatments are going really well. I've gotten to know all my radiation therapists and even though I've only gotten chemo three times a three nurses know me there. Even the parking attendant at the cancer institute lot recognizes me as the girl who always smiles. I can't say he's wrong. It sure makes the time in Hershey much more enjoyable! And no major side effects yett!

- The weekend after week one of treatment was busy, but great! The Peanut Bar put on an amazing event with The Darren Daulton Foundation. Johna and Billy did an awesome job along with the help of so many other friends (Carol Pope if you read this I think the picture looks fine in the frame!) On Saturday we of course watched the Penn State game! We then went to dinner to celebrate my early birthday ad John's belated! Sunday, we got our family photos done by Tammy Martines! I cannot wait to see how they all came out. Plus, the outfits we wore took all of week 1 treatments to pick out so it better have been worth it!!

MY BIRTHDAY:  The post important part of week 2 ;)
Overall itis been like a birthday month. I'd say week but it keeps extending! I have some amazing friends that can brighten day in the silliest and most amazing ways!

Things I got for my birthday (sorry if I left anything out) :
- I got a meet & greet with Hunter Hayes at the Bloomsburg Fair - Thanks Chan <3
- Pre Game Field Passes for Michigan & ADA seating - no getting hit in the head at games
-A Team Kayla Sweatshirt for Gilly (hahaha a great one- Liv)
- Really beautiful blue & white flowers from my Penn State Birthday Buddy.
      I got a ton of other things too, like oreos and Uggs and a princess balloon, but I don't think I could name them all on here!


I spent this past weekend at John's. It was relaxing. We went to Ally & Jake's housewarming party and to dinner with his parents too. We also got to see the progress on Lauren and Peter's house, which is almost looking like a house with all the walls there! It was a much needed weekend of a Penn State Bye week and watching Boy Meets World (which I also got as a gift), although I did have another small seizure.

This post was kind of a mess of things that have happened since my last post. Sorry for the craziness of it all, I tried to go in order. I hope I didn't forget anything on here that I was supposed to add, I'll add more later on if I did :)


"Believe you can and you're halfway there." - Theodore Roosevelt

 -- Thanks for the inspirational card Kerrie :) WEEK #3!!