Saturday, January 24, 2015


Hey Everyone, 

This update is well deserved because it's been a while!!

Since my last post, I have finished my final semester and graduated in the 2014 class! Now it is time for Grad school applications. I have about 9 schools I am applying to and I can't wait to start that next chapter. 

I am also going be a proud aunt and godmother come June. It is so exciting and I can't wait! I am waiting, not so patiently, to see if I have a niece or nephew. The surprise will be held for all of us untie the delivery room. No matter what, I hope for a happy and healthy baby.

I am terrible at giving bad news because I am generally a positive person everyday. But, it is important that people know. My last MRI should two small tumor growths in my left parietal lobe. One nodule is near the old tumor site and the second is in the corpus callosum (google it :p) 

Better news, there are many options to get them gone,
  - I am going on a chemo, Avastin. This is an IV chemo and will be traveling to Hershey every two weeks
  - This chemo can be paired with others down the road to better the odds of shrinking the nodules
  - If needed they are in operable parts, that wouldn't have major symptoms.

I am still my postive self and I am certain that they will quickly be shrinkin. I will definitely be updating more now. I want to keep you all in the loop. I will get my next MRI in March and that will be after three rounds of chemo.

I have an amazing guardian angel that I know is behind me every day of this journey and I couldn't be more blessed.

Life is tough, but I am (again) tougher.

Love to all of Team Kayla,

Below are some other pictures from the last few months!
This was from Lar's big benefit for THON. Everyday she works hard to raise more money for THON. 
If you want to donate to the fight against pediatric cancer you can donate at You can donate in my name and even have your donation go to Lars and Skips total to dance like I did in 2013! Their real names are Lauren Tecce and Rebecca Ryan. Search for that and not their nicknames! ;)
This is from when Peter came up for the Michigan State game! We had a blast that weekend.

John dragged me to an Eagles game. I liked watching my first NFL game but could have handled losing the jersey!

These are pictures for Samantha's wedding! It was a blast. We clean up pretty well too!
Awesome news, I got paired with Blue Band THON. They are amazing and I love being able to see them at all the sporting events! This is with their other family Team Dami. (You can also donate to The Blue Band on It is an honor to be paired with this organization!

These pictures are from the Rutgers football game! We were nearly the first ones in the parking lot. We had so much fun together. There is nothing better than a football game with all your friends. Rain didn't stop us from having a great time. <3

I must finish with a great picture of Gilly. Showing off her school colors! She obviously bleeds blue and white :p

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  1. Kayla, you have the prayers and energy of a huge network of family and friends behind you. Know always that there are an infinite number of shoulders you can stand on! You are such an inspiration that any one of us would trade places with you today if we could!