Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chillin in the ICU

Hi everyone! It's John typing for Kayla. She wants you all to know that she really appreciates your prayers and best wishes and should be able to type on her own soon.

Kayla had surgery yesterday morning to remove the tumor in the left parietal lobe of her brain. She went in around 7:30am and the procedure was completed around 2pm. They removed the entire tumor and a small amount of surrounding tissue. The biopsy results on what it contains will come back next week.

Kayla was awake for the entire procedure so that the doctors could make sure her motor skills and language were not being affected. She talked to the doctors about her brother Peter and his girlfriend Lauren, what rides she rode during her day at Hershey Park, and Dunkin Donuts! After the procedure she was among the most "chipper" (in her words) patients they had seen, which is no surprise to anyone who knows Kayla. She is looking forward to learning more details about her procedure from her doctor - what else would you expect from a biology major?

Kayla had 15 visitors in Hershey yesterday! Luckily, the waiting room is large and she was able to see most of them while in the ICU. She cracked jokes, as always, and continued to spread her amazingly positive attitude!

Today, Kayla has been resting and was just moved to a different part of the ICU. She has regained a lot of strength in her right arm and hand. Unfortunately, the seizures have continued, though this is not uncommon as they can sometimes continue for a short time after surgery. Her medicine has helped though! She is looking at a return home by the end of the week.

I can't tell you how much everyone's support has meant. Kayla is looking forward to typing her next blog update soon.




  1. So glad to hear the surgery went well. Keep smiling, Kayla.


  2. I'm so happy to learn her surgery went well! Sending love and prayers from Hawaii!

  3. Thanks so much for the update, Paige and Jordan are really missing their Kayla. Kayla is the first and last person they mention in their prayers every night. Take care and keep us posted....Suzie

  4. #TeamKayla - we're going to get it trending. WHAT A CHAMP!

  5. Was thinking about Kayla all day.....and we've never met. I love the positive!!!! Hope and a great attitude are the best medicine. Best to you....prayers and hugs