Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pretty in purple

Hi everyone! John again. Kayla is working on getting her strength up in her hand so she can type!

The BEST news of the day is that Kayla has not had a seizure for 30 hours! This is the longest she has gone in some time and a great sign moving forward. 

Highlights from today include: 

- Her many visitors (mentioned below) making her smile and perk up immediately

- Her motor skills test is fun!

- Dr. Gilliam's reaction when Kayla told him that she will name her new puppy after him was great. Her name will be Gilly!

- A milkshake from Chocolate World courtesy of her Uncle Bill and cousin Olivia

- She ate two chicken fingers, some soup, and a Gatorade for lunch in addition to that milkshake. We are happy to see her appetite back!

Today was a little tougher than yesterday for Kayla because the local anesthesia in her head wore off overnight. As a result, she felt more pain than yesterday and has had trouble putting together sentences and thinking of words. This is probably caused by the swelling and is not uncommon. Kayla wants you all to know that she is doing great despite the uncertainty of what comes next with the biopsy results.

Kayla slept for most of the morning except for when she had visits from her neurosurgeon, Dr. Sather, and her neurologist, Dr. Gilliam. Those two echoed what her anesthesiologist said last night, which is that Kayla was amazing during surgery. Each spent over 30 minutes with us, leaving Kayla's parents and I with a number of words to Google when we get home but ultimately feeling informed and prepared. 

She also had two occupational therapists visit in the afternoon. They took her for a spin around the wing and she did great, even climbing up and down a flight of steps!

Kayla is in AMAZING hands here! From the staff and nurses to her team of doctors, there has been no shortage of communication, expertise, and genuine care for her. Thank you, Penn State Hershey!

Kayla's support system continues to amaze. Her visitors today included her Uncle Bill and cousin Olivia and her friends from Penn State, Rachel and Tommy. Just like when she danced in THON in February, Kayla lights up whenever she gets a new visitor. She also read at least a dozen messages and wants you all to know again how much she appreciates your support!

It looks like Kayla will be discharged tomorrow after a few more visits from family and friends. She will also have a speech therapist come by to work with her on word selection. More tomorrow evening!



  1. ❤ You are such a beautiful young lady!!!

  2. Thinking of you everyday Kayla!!!! We are cheering you on and praying for a quick recovery so you can get back to the football games:) <3 Love Christy, Jeff, Cameron, and Gavin Cerra

  3. Sending lots of love and prayers your way!

  4. You are a beautiful, strong young lady. Prayers go out to you daily. Never loose that wonderful, infectious smile! <3