Monday, July 29, 2013

Updates From July

 July has been getting crazier than ever with everything, so I'm going to try and sum it up in bullet points. It is not even over yet and I still another appointment at Hershey to wrap up the whole month. I will do the best I can so that I don't ramble on about all the changes because each day I feel like there is something new to take on. Some days its very small other days it feels like I hit a brick wall, but either way like the blog title says, (courtesy of the bracelet Tara got me that is such a great reminder) I will get through it because I'm tougher!

- July started as an adventure with the 4th. My first day time seizure! That was my first performance with people around and it felt like all eyes were on me.

- 5 days later, July 9th I was just casually walking to class, (yet another experience) while finishing up crossing the road, two girls had to help me take my medicine.

- By July 13th it became more comfortable to be helped on the side of the road. Almost second nature by this point :P

- The medicines were increasing, but so were the seizures and so were the side effects. Headaches, tiredness, irritability. It was a slippery slope.

- Soon enough I was having more than one seizure per day.

- July 19th, after meeting with a neurosurgeon at Jefferson, I had 6 seizures that day and that number has fluctuated between 5 and 9 until today (July 28th) I only had 3. Maybe my stress levels are finally decreasing.

- Meeting with a neurosurgeon was tough, but whatever this thing is I am excited for it to come out and for the seizures to just end (I know I haven't talked about what it is exactly, but we won't know for sure until it is out so its all up for debate).

-I deferred my grade for my summer class and decided to do an independent study over the next year to make up for what I missed because of the stress, medicine side effects, how all my appointments have fallen, and when my surgery may fall.

- The most recent thing to take in is that I won't be recovered enough to be back for the fall term. That is really hard for me to take in. Missing a part of my senior year is a thought that constantly makes me sad, but I know that I will not miss all of it and will be able to go back part way through to enjoy it with all my friends!

I think that covers almost everything. If I missed anything whoopssss! We can blame it on my new medicine that causes some minor memory loss ;) Thank you for reading so far. I'll update after Tuesday. Hopefully I'll get better as I go



  1. I love you Kayla! Stay strong, you are tough, and we are praying for you every day.

  2. Hang in there Kayla. We are thinking of you from Colorado. - Tina Hirshland, John's aunt/Eileen's sister.

  3. Hi Kala this is Ashley's step-dad! I love your strength and tenacity!! Hang in there kiddo from Bruce in California!!

  4. Love this idea to use blog to keep everyone updated but love it more that family and friends can use it to send you positive thoughts, get well wishes or just a 'hello' to you!
    You are tough and strong and your smile brightens a room!

  5. Hi Kayla - this is a great! I am you are doing it. I am sure there are many more benefits to doing this than the obvious (which is not having to repeat yourself a thousand times!) You are young, strong, and healthy! You are going to be fine. Keep journaling! Love you, Uncle Rol

    1. I am "glad" you are doing it. I didn't proof read it!

  6. Hey Kayla,
    I agree with Rhonda, about that smile. I remember the day you walked into my Kindergarten room(a bit sad the first day, but after that...). Your smile and love for life is obvious! I have watched you grow through the years and know how resilient you are! You come from good stock...your mom is a tough old jeanie(stay strong). Sending you positive thoughts and praying for a speedy recovery!