Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happpyy Augustt!

Just a quick post about today's appointments in Hershey.

We first did some pre operative paperwork then we got to meet with the anesthesiologist. He discussed most of the procedures with us in quite some detail (I 'll spare them for Mara so she doesn't pass out <3) Above all it seems pretty straight forward and the actual surgery part of the procedure will take about 3-4 hours they think. My entire team of doctors meets tomorrow to talk about my surgery. It sounds pretty cool to me, although maybe that's just me. That means they will all make sure the are on the same page, have their plan in place, and discuss the way they will go about certain details in the OR!

After we finished that appointment we went back over to neurophysiology where I was finally released from the grips of the torturous EEG wires. The use oil and acetone to loosen the glue. It helps.. a bit. The ride home I just had oil, acetone, and the super glue they had in my hair to hold the wires in place every where. Needless to say, Chocolate World was skipped again- although this time there was amazing Hershey Cake to come home to :) - so getting the baseball hat off and the gross stuff out was a much bigger priority. 3 hours later... its still a work in progress hopefully having Mindy and Mal come shampoo me like a dog tomorrow will get the rest of it out without making my head any more sensitive.

We will head to Hershey again on Monday for a functional MRI, but there shouldn't be any huge updates for a little bit!  Thank you again for all the support. I having amazing people surrounding me and I could not be more blessed <3


  1. Let me know if you need my wax oil, Betty! xo

  2. Just heard! Stay strong and positive!

  3. Keep up the positive
    attitude!!! Prayers sent your way!